Fulmer M1 Modus Motorcycle Helmet Review

In this review I set out to describe my experiences with the Fulmer M1 Modus motorcycle helmet (shown above in the Ghost Black Trident 50T flat finish).

I bought this helmet a little over a year ago after reading a review at Revzilla and have clocked a couple thousand miles with this skull-protecting device on my head.

First of all, I should share with you some of the unique features that can be found on this particular motorcycle helmet.1) To start, the helmet features a QR1 quick release shield system, which allows you to quickly and easily press a button on the chin of the helmet so you can push up the faceplate. For me, this was a feature that I really enjoyed. Being able to flip up the shield allowed me to quickly pull my bike over to the side of the road, pull out my camera and take a quick photo (or take a drink of water), and then quickly get back on my way. If I had a standard full-faced motorcycle helmet without a movable shield, this would not be possible. Instead, I would have to lift the helmet completely off my head each and every time I wanted to make any of these actions.

That said, other motorcyclists have told me that they do not like the movable shield because they fear that it is not nearly as safe as regular full-faced helmets. Honestly, this makes sense and it also makes it the best piece of dirt bike gear for kinds and youth. The fact that there is nothing more than a plastic button in the chin of the helmet, which is preventing the front of the helmet from flying up, is of some concern. I don’t know what the safety records say about these types of helmets vs. helmets with full faced protection, but I’m guessing that these are every so slightly less safe than the regular full-faced helmets currently on the market. So, if you’re SUPER  concerned about safety, I’d probably go with a full-faced helmet instead of one like this with a movable shield.

2) Another nice feature on this helmet are the two vents (one located near the mouth and another located above the forehead.) The vents can be opened and closed so as to let air in or prevent it from blowing into the helmet. I experimented greatly with these vents and usually rode with them in the open position. However, on cooler days I would close the vents so as to try and stay warm. Once I did this, there was usually little effect on how the helmet performed (other than it keeping me that much warmer now that the wind wasn’t blowing in on my face). However, there were a few times when, with the vents closed, I would take a deep breathe out and my helmet would instantly fog up. This, as you can imagine, is a situation you want to avoid, as a fogged up shield can prevent you from seeing the road or other obstacles you may encounter while riding. But again, this only happened if I were to exhale deeply, so I avoided taking big outward breathes when the vents were closed and I usually did just fine.

Other than these two features, the Fulmer M1 Modus is a pretty straightforward motorcycle helmet.


My biggest complaint about this helmet, however, is that (for me at least) it is extremely uncomfortable to wear after about 40-60 minutes on the bike. Shoei x12 helmet is much better in this case (click here for more information at Motrev). After a certain length of time, the weight of the helmet becomes absolutely unbearable and I have to pull over, take the helmet off and rest my head. Maybe it’s the shape of my head? Maybe it’s the helmet or the padding inside? But this helmet never seemed to break in and become comfortable for me to wear.

Overall, the Fulmer M1 Modus is a nice little helmet. It is relatively inexpensive (with prices in the $150 USD range) and comes in an assortment of colors.My Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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Groove Therapy

Celebrating ten years of Formation Records and four years of Groove Therapy bizness. In what will be the largest international line-up ever assembled at a drum’n’bass session in Australia, Groove Therapy’s fourth birthday means again our heads are set to be rechecked. Celebrating ten years of Formation Records, one of the UK’s finest DJs/Producers, breakbeat pioneer, and early innovators of the jungle sound, Leicester’s DJ SS has had a greater influence on the shape of Melbourne’s jungle set than any other international artist. Featured on the The Music Distillery for Rap and Hip Hop Instrumentals That’s why this is his second home, that’s why we can’t wait for his rinse year after year and this one marks number seven! (Panic 5 ­ Jun. 2011, Drum’n’Bass Wise ­ Aug. 2012, Groove Therapy 3 ­ May 2013, Groove Therapy 9 ­ Apr. 2014, Groove Therapy 15 ­ Feb. 2015). launchpad DJ SS and his recording labels have been pushing the forefront of the breakbeat continuum for over a decade, defining hardcore and hardstep yet seamlessly progressing to more infectious jazz’n’bass bizness. From pure funk rollers to deep smooth grooves, DJ SS has made his mark and the jungle world listened as he tacked and weaved changing the direction of drum&bass time and again, always with his signature musicality as a force against an incessantly repetitive scene. Lately he’s being blowing up Fabio’s joint Swerve and Bukem’s Progression Sessions and getting everyone sorted with his recent ‘S Files’ release. Alongside SS, the two champions of twisted and ingenious drum&bass rollers Ed Rrush & Optical return to rinse the Melbourne massive in their fourth Groove Therapy session. Having spent the last eight years at the vanguard of drum&bass, the Ed Rush & Optical collaboration has seen releases on No U-Turn, 31 Records, Prototype, Metalheadz, Metro & Moving Shadow and their own label Virus, which was the masthead for their second full blown mashed-up album ‘The Creeps’. Dirty, dark and peppered with future funk, these two have made dancefloors around the globe wail for more. index And to toast the session, MC Warren G is one of the most experienced drum&bass vocalists in the world hyping crowds world wide with his sophisticated song-like and ragga crooning stylee. Don FM & No U-Turn MC Rymetyme is also recognised as one of the world’s best MCs with his hybrid hip-hop tricks meshing vocal beatboxing with his non-stop energy. Groove Therapy turns four with support from the dons of the Melbourne jungle, oneLC, Trooper and Atom 1.

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